About Marna



Watercolor, Acrylic, and Wax




                Marna Schoenwald  began her artistc life as a dancer and then a choreographer.  She studied Modern Dance in the techique of Martha Graham.The training was arduous and exacting. While  choreographing she created images in space, using bodies, sounds and colors that streaked accross the stage or were still will the energy continued to expand. The transition to painting was fairly seemless and Schoenwald found that  paints provide a multitude of possibilities for expressing the deeper layers of her inner life. The more mystical and spirtual layers natually find their way through her brushes and on to the canvas and  papers. A strong  sense of movement is emobidied in Schoenwald’s art creating trees that extend off the canvas and lines that plunge or swoop into the surroundings inviting the  viewers to experience  a visual and physical  provided a venue that both captures and deepens the creative process.  Paintings created by Marna include landscapes, cityscapes, politicalscapes, and spiritualscapes, as well as various themed series including “The “Cogitate Series in Blue” and “Daydreams” and in progress the “Moving on Canvas Series” , and “Hidden Landscapes” 


Description of Current Work

  “The Cogitate Series in Blue”

  Cogitate Seires

Marna Schoenwald began the “The Cogitate Series” in June of 2011.

The series reflects the painter’s desire to fuse the cerebral and the emotional aspects of her life.  The series became more substantial as each new canvas was created with the blue greens and whites. Sparks and shadows combine to recreate the process of Cogitating. 

  Cogitate, to think to ponder to reflect.


“Daydream Series”

The “Daydream Series” are a reflection of the joyous visions of life that flitter in and out of an adult’s world. So easily captured as a child, they become sought as a reminder of simpler joys both real and imagined. 






 Marna Schoenwald is a participating artist at Live Art Fusion events: A Live Painting/Live Music         experience, featuring twelve artists simultaneously speed-painting while inspired by live jazz fusion  and audience interaction at various resturants and bars across Long Island. Marna Schoenwald is a participating artist at Shifting Reality Across Long Island. An ongoing collaborative painting event with the Long Island Creative Vortex. 

Marna's Art Work Has Been Presented At

Rooftop @Hotel Empire “The Art Of Fashion”

Campari Ristorante Norhport Ny

Ripe Gallery, Greenlawn NY  

Pulitzer and Panetta Studio, Huntington NY  

"The Art Of Fashion" InterMix Gallery, The Chelsea Room, Hotel Chelsea, New York, NY          

Karma Lounge NYC

 The LloydHarbor Daffodil Fine Arts Center

Avenue A Restaurant and Art Gallery NYC

Rhythm of the Earth group show NYC 

The Huntington Art Center

Huntington’s Art in the Park fair

Gallery North Outdoor Art Show (Setauket, NY)

The Lloyd Harbor Daffodil Fine Arts Fair

The Oyster Bay Rotational Art Shows

The Oyster Bay Chamber of Commerce Art Walk

The Myles Bradford Gallery, Hudson Valley, NY  

Long Island Art league Members Exhibits   

Project 30 Online Art Exhibit " 

Marna Schoenwald's Paintings appear on the front and back covers of "Rhyming the Hours" and "& On The Eighth Day"  By Steven Damon